Forests are In Danger!

Forests are threatened because of human activities that continuously impede balance of nature. One of the human activities that bring great danger to the forests is illegal logging. There had been efforts developed by government and non-government organizations to stop illegal logging. However, people neglect these efforts because the regulations are not strictly enforced. Forest law aims to strengthen the enforcement of the collaborative efforts of different organizations and companies (such as this one) to save forests. Destruction of biodiversity and the rise of environmental problems are just some of the numerous negative outcomes of deforestation.

Don’t get confused, though: tree removal is not exactly like tattoo removal or acne removal. It’s a much more destructive process. While Forest Law may bring positive results in the environment within a certain period of time, businesses may also be affected. Europe, specifically, stipulates a high supply of timber. With this great demand, timber manufacturers create more supplies in accordance to people’s needs. If their supplies are not sufficient for the consumers, this might induce illegal logging. Forest Law involves both timber manufacturers and consumers. Legal papers should be documented. It is indeed a tedious process for businesses. All transactions of businesses will be investigated especially the purchase and receipt of wood. If some steps have not been followed in accordance to Forest Law, these businesses may pay for the consequences.

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