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Miner Offers Comments on Forest EA

Posted by nationalforestlawblog on September 14, 2010 at 9:27 PM

Canadian miner, Mosquito Consolidated Gold Mines Limited, has offered substantive comments supporting the decision by the Boise National Forest allowing additional exploration of the molybdenum CuMo deposit.  Molybdenum is a hard, silvery-white metallic element used to toughen alloy steels and soften tungsten alloy. An essential trace element in plant nutrition, it is used in fertilizers, dyes, enamels, and reagents.  According to the company's comments supporting the EA:


-That there would be very little consumptive use of water involved in the exploration and most water used in the drilling process will be recycled.

-That there will be no visual impacts related to the exploration work that will be visible from any public highway and that the Company will construct fewer miles of roads than the EA contemplates.

-That the Company does not anticipate building any roads crossing perennial streams as part of the exploration project. Mosquito plans to construct all roads so that they do not result in discharges of storm water to any stream or other water body through any ditch, drain, or similar structure. Mosquito will prepare a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan and file appropriate notices concerning storm water with state and federal authorities.

-And the Company will employ a spill prevention, control, and containment plan that will include berms, control equipment and spill kits (such as absorbent mats) at fuel storage and drilling locations.


To read more about the project and the company's comments check out  You can also read the company's comments here.

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