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Alaskans Want More Local Control Over Tongass National Forest - Sierra Club Wants To Shut Down Timber Industry Altogether

Posted by nationalforestlawblog at 04:10 PM on April 15, 2010

"Tongass timber wars simmer under forest planning process" is the title of yesterday's Juneau Empire story.  According to the story community leaders shared their frustration at the constant obstacles to projects on the Tongass based on environmental lawsuits.  The leaders stressed the dire economic effects that logjam is having on the communities. 


"The Forest Service has an obligation to see that it helps keep local communities alive," Petersburg Community Development Director Leo Luczak said, adding that timber revenues have fallen to such lows that "communities are dying."


In spite of local concerns the ALL POWERFUL and ALL KNOWING Sierra Club apparently thinks it can dictate to locals how to live their lives.  Juneau Sierra Club President Mark Rorick indicated that his group's desire was the shut down the timber industry all together when he said,  "Rural community development is not going to depend on the timber industry anymore"  What a troubling and arrogant statement.  Unfortunately that group essentially dictates what occurs and what doesn't on the Tongass these days.

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